The rapidly evolving economic landscape is creating new challenges and opportunities inciting manufacturing enterprises to navigate global supply chains and diverse markets. Divergent needs to service customers demanding more for less on one hand and to deliver shareholder value on the other, is driving manufacturing companies to explore every possibility to reach out to customer and improve productivity and efficiency of processes continuum. Going forward, manufacturing companies need to collaborate with their value chain partners to redefine value propositions to attract customers.

Given the current marketplace dynamics, there is an increasing pressure on manufacturing companies to rapidly improve operational efficiencies and reduce production costs and wastages. Manufacturing companies need to take well considered decisions at a hastened pace to be able to adapt and respond to the market needs. Both the quality and speed of decision making have become critical to manage the value chains effectively, focus on go-to-market strategy and improve service delivery. All of this needs to be done in a quality conscious and highly regulated environment.

Ambit offers comprehensive manufacturing enterprise solutions, targeted towards creating a truly social, collaborative and mobile operational environment, bringing you closer to partners, employees and customers. Ambit helps manufacturing companies develop a strategy to derive more value out of their IT investments and manage processes better. AMBIT’s CRM solutions support critical business activities associated with automotive sales and service including:

Ambit has a consultative approach towards delivering Business aligned IT solutions to seamlessly integrate systems, processes, people, and partners. We help you mobile-enable and empower your workforce to provide a real time visibility into production and service value chains and enable you to respond better and faster to any operational exceptions or supply chain disruptions. Ambit helps you ‘future proof’ and integrate your processes to enable agile responses to market dynamics.

The Ambit Advantage
  • Ambit has extensive knowledge and experience ERP, ADM, CRM, SCM, BI with partnerships with Microsoft, Sage, Intuit and MAIA. With over 400 man years of experience in manufacturing, BSIL has helped over 75 clients in over hundred implementations of enterprise solutions.
  • Ambit provides IT solutions to some of the world’s leading companies using a mature, business-aligned approach. Through the business aligned approach, Ambit focuses on striking the right balance between leveraging existing assets and developing next generation capabilities that deliver business value and not just IT Solutions
  • With a phased implementation roadmap, with clear milestones and built-in strategic wins on the path to full realization, we help our customers balance their IT priorities while delivering business advantage faster, mitigating risk earlier and increasing returns.