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Data is the lifeblood of a smart enterprise. Behind a successful AI strategy, data and analytics form the core. Data & Analytics connects businesses, customers, partners, platforms, employees forming one large global digital ecosystem.

Drawing insights from data requires managing data and translating its meaning to guide informed decision-making. Data in silos create blind spots. Integration helps build a modern data supply chain to form a unified data marketplace for your enterprise. This common data pool can now be used to build the next generation of intelligent systems based on AI and ML.

Ambit provides analytics solutions that bring humans and machines together. We turn data into actionable business insights. Using modern technology and best practices, we deliver tangible business value, improve time to and cost per insight with a design thinking approach, data engineering, and automation.


Analytics Pathways

Capitalize on the variety of data, its possibilities, and potential insights with our consultative approach

Enterprise Data Management

Get expert help in breaking silos, storing data, migration, integration, transformation, and management

Data Science

Get insights and suggestive actions through machine learning, deep learning, cognitive and AI services

DW & BI Solutions

Accelerate the pace of digital transformation through discovery, automation, simplicity, and repeatability

Alliances & Platforms


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