Compliance Solutions

At the outset, a CRM system acts as a central repository of your present, past, and future customers. It provides data to other business applications on demand. A well-architected CRM application enables data stewards to enter and update records with ease. Integration with websites and storefronts means sensitive personal and transactional data is stored in the database. This needs to be protected.

GDPR and CCPA compliance require specific rules to be applied when collecting, storing, and processing customer data. Noncompliance can lead to customer complaints and even lawsuits, not to mention the negative press leading to a negative brand image.

Ambit helps brands comply with the local authorities by implementing and configuring mature customer data compliance solutions. With up-to-date compliance rules and better data controls, you can finally focus on growing your business.


Customer Analytics Solution Implementation

Implement the latest compliance solution to get GDPR and CCPA compliance from day one

Product Integration & Support

Extend customer data compliance solution benefits across the entire application landscape of your business

Product & Process Training

Use professional help in configuring your customer data systems to comply with local authorities and unions

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