Avoid CRM Health Risk

There may be a highly virulent and widesp read tendency spreading through your organization. For more than twenty years, I have observed it in many corporations, particularly banks and financial institutions. It is something that must be brought under control as quickly as possible if you want to have a healthy, sustainable CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that delivers true competitive advantages and on-going profitability improvements.

This threat has many variations, but they all fall within an innocent sounding category called “Application Islands.” There may be many of these within an organization. They are generally born out of a mid to upper-management level initiative to achieve some specific result. Fair enough. Over time Application Islands grow through an unending series of simple modifications while they accumulate a retinue of developers, support people, trainers, etc. In other words, they take on a life of their own. Soon their champions are attempting to bend their pet Application Islands to solve problems they were never intended to solve. CRM is often one of these;

  • A few common examples of Application Islands include
  • So what would you do about this Threat to your Corporation’s Profitability?
  • One Consultant’s Definition
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