SugarCRM – IBM Notes Plugin

Are you looking for the best and most reliable way to sync SugarCRM data with IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes)?

With SugarCRM IBM Notes (now known as HCL Notes) plugin, users can now view and create any SugarCRM entity from IBM Notes. Our plugin allows users to synchronize CRM contacts, calendar events, tasks, emails, opportunities, cases, and more to Notes. Keeping your eye on the ball – and the customer – has never been easier.

Plugin features:

SugarCRM IBM Notes plugin is designed to revolutionize how users work and encourage productivity. It’s never been easier to streamline how you work between SugarCRM and IBM Notes.

General Features

  • Choose one-way or two-way sync between SugarCRM and IBM Notes
  • Open linked records in SugarCRM directly from IBM Notes
  • Archive inbound/outbound emails to SugarCRM
  • Select manual sync to push specific records to SugarCRM or back to IBM Notes
  • Sync contacts, calendars, and tasks while keeping work and personal items separate

Email Integration

  • Archive inbound and outbound emails and attachments to SugarCRM with a single click
  • Link emails to Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Projects, Cases etc. in SugarCRM
  • Choose which contacts and emails are to be synchronized
  • Delete email from SugarCRM using IBM Notes plugin “Unarchive Email” feature
  • Select recipients from SugarCRM Contacts, Leads, Users while composing email from IBM Notes
  • Open email and linked record in SugarCRM from IBM Notes

Calendar Sync

  • Sync IBM Notes Calendar entries (Meetings, Calls and Tasks) to SugarCRM
  • Link calendar items to Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Projects, Cases etc. in SugarCRM
  • Manage a single calendar within IBM Notes and have it automatically synchronize with SugarCRM

Tasks (To Do) Sync

  • Sync your existing tasks effortlessly into your SugarCRM
  • Link tasks to Contacts, Accounts, Projects, Cases etc. in SugarCRM
  • Manage your tasks within IBM Notes and sync automatically with SugarCRM

Personal Address Book Sync

  • Maintain a single address book in IBM Notes including SugarCRM contacts
  • Sync any SugarCRM contact to the IBM Notes Personal Address book
  • Easily create SugarCRM contacts from IBM Notes email message
  • Use Native IBM Notes Email Addressing to send Emails to SugarCRM contacts




For SugarCRM IBM Notes Plugin support, please contact us here.