User Experience

User Experience has its foundation in a User-Centric Design philosophy of product development. For the product is not an end in itself but merely a means towards an end. The end being providing awesome experience to the user of your software. Ambit Software has seen the software industry transform and transcend through various phases (and hypes). Over these years, one aspect has always been at the core of our business, customer experience. We have seamlessly transformed hundreds of applications in desktop, web and mobile to give our clients the confidence to meet and exceed changing customer demands and fads.
  • Information Architecture

    Finding the right content at the right place is the key to customer delight. It starts with indexing information under proper heads to align with the goals of software navigation.
  • Navigation framework

    Design the navigation context in which you want the user to live in. Provide business features that fall within the context of user sessions.
  • Quick prototyping

    Evaluate design before it’s made. Paper/Stencil prototyping is like sonography, it gives you a feel of how wireframe and navigation framework will work together for your product.
  • Wire framing

    Logic access before visual appeal. Creating a barebones frame by placing right web/mobile elements for easy access.
  • Storyboards and Flows

    Stakeholders now get a view of the product coming to life. Frame by frame, the software gets built.
  • Forms and Tables

    User input is valued more than gold! We take good care of information feed-in by using lightweight tables and forms. Tables and forms contain embedded information and may result in slow response.
  • Iconography

    Captivate your customers with intuitive and smart visuals.
  • Visual design

    Hit the right notes with colours, typo, theme and your brand design philosophy.
  • Front end

    Delivery of much anticipated product and now the face of your business. Pixel perfect visual design files or UI specifications embedding into HTML, CSS delivered responsive.

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