Connector Development

As your organization grows, there is an increasing demand for data access for meeting business goals. With applications and data in silos, it soon becomes a daunting task to export data from one system and import into another. It is not only drains system resources but also consumes valuable manpower. When your projects need to meet their deadlines, you want information to be accessible easily. The option then is to overhaul the entire IT infrastructure or simple connect them to one another.

We recognise this as an opportunity to deliver high impact ROI in the least time possible. Ambit has helped customers connect their enterprise applications so that they talk and share data seamlessly. With the use of SOAP, REST, BULK and Meta Data APIs, we have developed expertise in developing connectors with NetSuite, Sage, MS Dynamics, Salesforce, etc. Our connectors are secure, efficient, flexible and extensible.

Options to choose from;

Point-to-Point: P2P integration can quickly solve the business problem but is suitable for companies with few applications that need to be integrated. A Middle layer is introduced if the complexity increases with increase of P2P connections.

Middleware: Middleware eases out connectivity issues and seamlessly integrates legacy systems / silos to the modern interfaces. A middleware is powerful enough to route, convert, combine, and changing the data that is passes.

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