Product Engineering

Software product companies today are selling to a more informed customer who has many options to choose from. New features, scalability, flexibility, robustness, and total-cost-of-ownership are becoming critical factors that influence customers more than ever before. Ambit provides full scale product engineering services across the software product development life cycle ranging from consulting and application development to technology re-engineering and product support enabling companies to be competitive in the market. Ambit has partnered with software product companies globally to develop and test over numerous products.

Ambit’s technology building blocks, in the form of solution accelerators and reusable components help bridge technology gaps and bring products to market faster. Our expertise in various technologies like Microsoft, Java, mobile and open source helps us deliver robust and commercially successful products to the market.

Ambit’s Product Engineering Services group brings vast experience in providing R&D, engineering services and product life cycle support in focused industry domains.

Development & Maintainance

AMBIT is a leading Outsourced Product Development & Engineering company with vast Technology expertise. We deliver high quality, reliable and cost-effective Software Product Development services to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

We at AMBIT Software understand the challenges associated with Product Development, hence adopt an Outsourced Product Release Process that reduces cost of software product development considerably while keeps control on the product architecture, offering better ROI to SMEs and ‘ISVs’

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Cloud Enablement

Every business is difference and a different approach is needed to successfully deploy your application to the cloud. Ambit’s Cloud Enablement Service empowers the migration of legacy applications to the cloud. Our service adapts to your situation, needs of your applications, your business goals and your existing experience with cloud computing. We can also test and validate your existing applications and ensure they are cloud ready, enable them to be ‘cloud worthy’ and even create new cloud native applications.

Once tested, your application can either run on a private cloud, a public cloud or a hybrid cloud and self-manage the hosted environment or have us host and manage your applications for ‘you’

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Mobile Enablement

An effective Mobile Strategy can bring immediate positive results to your business by extending the capabilities of a mobile device and increase the reach of your enterprise application. This means your employees can now be more productive on and off the field from virtually anywhere on the planet!

Mobility can add value if done right, but counterproductive and underutilised if not strategized as per the business needs and user ‘behaviour’

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ISV Practices

Ambit understands the unique requirements of ISVs, and has a dedicated practice unit to meet them. Our ISV Practice has dedicated consultants committed to servicing the growing needs of companies like yours, around the globe. We’ve also invested in building Centers of Excellence for each key technology stacks such as .NET, J2EE and LAMP platforms, further facilitating rapid time-to-market.

Some of the world’s leading ISVs rely on us to address their complex business challenges and customer needs to improve their market share. Our flexible delivery model coupled with disciplined and process oriented approach to product development gives our clients a compelling value proposition. Our ISV practice offers offshore product development services that ‘integrate’

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User Experience

User Experience has its foundation in a User-Centric Design philosophy of product development. For the product is not an end in itself but merely a means towards an end. The end being providing awesome experience to the user of your software.

Ambit Software has seen the software industry transform and transcend through various phases (and hypes). Over these years, one aspect has always been at the core of our business, customer experience. We have seamlessly transformed hundreds of applications in desktop, web and mobile to give our clients the confidence to meet and exceed changing customer demands and ‘fads’

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Connector Development

As your organization grows, there is an increasing demand for data access for meeting business goals. With applications and data in silos, it soon becomes a daunting task to export data from one system and import into another. It is not only drains system resources but also consumes valuable manpower. When your projects need to meet their deadlines, you want information to be accessible easily. The option then is to overhaul the entire IT infrastructure or simple connect them to one ‘another’

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