Real Estate

Ambit’s real estate software solutions help companies to integrate all data and processes of an organization into a single unified system that has different modules as enumerated below which broadly covers the following key functional areas:

  • Sales – standardizes all the sales processes in the construction industry. It covers two stages of the sales process viz. Pre-Sales and Sales.
  • Engineering – includes estimation, costing, planning, scheduling, execution, and monitoring of projects along with Contract Management and Tender Management processes.
  • Purchase & Stores – encompasses all procurement related stages viz. material requisition, enquiry, quotation, price comparison, negotiation, purchase order, material receipt note and invoice generation. In Stores, it tracks complete details of the stock, material purchased, transferred and returned along with the inventory management process.
  • Maintenance – generates periodic maintenance bills including all the necessary elements and also records payments made against the bills.
  • HR & Payroll – handles recruitment planning process and selection of candidates. Maintains attendance and leave details of employees.
  • Asset Management – automates tracking of physical assets, including those within the company and at external locations.
  • Accounts – manages accounting needs of a company along with integration of all financial transactions for all the modules.