Established stock and derivatives exchanges around the world have prospered greatly in recent years, thanks to record trading volumes and a proliferation of new products. So have new alternative trading venues and clearinghouses. But a range of forces in India – regulatory changes, new technologies, and savvy entrepreneurs – are making exchanges and their investors vulnerable to more challenging times ahead.

Regulators have opened the trading, clearing, and settlement markets to competition paving the way for a new breed of entrepreneurs that wants to capitalize on this high margin industry. New entrants are looking at competing on lower transaction fees and more flexible technologies to gain market share. Of course, existing exchanges are also setting up new subsidiaries to whet the appetite of the Indian customers’ growing financial prowess.

With the current volatility in the markets, volume swings are aplenty and lie outside the exchanges’ control. This coupled with an imminent slowdown in the Indian economy; exchanges would be looking at challenging times ahead.

What is, however, in the exchanges’ control is the acquisition of new customers and managing the customer experience. Exchanges would benefit thorough identification of new prospective members, faster execution of the membership process, managing new revenue streams through IT services (Datafeed and Networking) and prompt customer support with the help of a 360 degree view of the customer.

Ambit has built a unique product called ExchangeLogix – a CRM solution tailored for exchanges – stock, currency or commodity. The solution is built on the robust and scalable Sage Saleslogix platform, a product of Sage Group Plc.
The product covers the following members of the exchange ecosystem:

ExchangeLogix Features include:

  • Member & User management.
  • Opportunity & Subscription Management.
  • Relationship and Influence Tracking.
  • Activity Management and Planning.
  • Member and User Alerts
  • Network Management
  • Datafeed Management
  • Service Tracking with automated email routing and email trail
  • Legal complaint/arbitration tracking
  • Compliance Management
  • Reporting