• Today’s most successful companies know all too well the challenges of accurately capturing and billing for time & expenses spent on projects. TimeLinx transforms a traditional CRM system into a service management solution providing everything your company needs to succeed. TimeLinx stores all client and project-related information in a single CRM-based system, eliminating the need and costs associated with maintaining multiple applications, spreadsheets, and databases.

360o view of your customer data

For professional services firms, manufacturers, and other businesses, TimeLinx extends CRM through the entire customer and project lifecycle, from Campaigns to Opportunities, Service Delivery, Customer Service and Technical Support.

TimeLinx provides time and expense reporting and project management functions that let you proactively manage projects, tasks, staff resources, costs, profits, and much more.

TimeLinx delivers total financial visibility while providing:

  • project management
  • time recording and details
  • expense management
  • calendars and Gantt charts
  • reporting and analysis

Your entire organization – from sales to senior management – gains permission-based access to comprehensive data, eliminating information silos between departments and increasing efficiency and profitability. Sales can easily identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities while C-level executives gain valuable insight to improve resource utilization and profitability.

TimeLinx is…

End-to-End Service Management

TimeLinx maximizes productivity by providing greater clarity and insight into Project, Team, User, and Task profitability.

  • Maximize Business Productivity — Streamlining the entire service cycle from Projects to Accounting allows businesses to consistently monitor profitability and eliminates the need for manual calculations and costly data entry.

    Ensure Data Consistency and Accuracy —TimeLinx provides optional bi-directional integration with your choice of accounting system, eliminating duplicate data entry and enabling fast, accurate invoicing.

Manage Projects for Profitability — Real time reporting, Gantt charts, and dashboards keep project managers informed with a single view of all Projects allowing you to easily react and make proactive adjustments to ensure profitability.

Reduce Operating Costs — TimeLinx allows you to optimize staffing resources while reducing the number of necessary back office applications.

Provide Greater Visibility —TimeLinx’s permission-based 360o visibility provides access to client and Project information throughout the customer lifecycle.

Maximize Revenue —TimeLinx’s rules-based Revenue Optimization Engine™ processes user-definable premium rates (i.e. overtime, travel, etc.), and costs, enabling you to capture and maximize profits.

Integrate TimeLinx Service Management with your ERP System

TimeLinx offers project and resource management solutions for Sage 100 ERP, Sage
300 ERP, Sage 500 ERP, Sage ERP X3, and QuickBooks by providing a bi-directional interface linking financial data with project and customer information.

TimeLinx integration options create seamless functionality between your CRM system and many popular ERP platforms. TimeLinx allows users to manage important customer financial information including invoices, payment dates, expenses and revenues in one integrated system.

Combining TimeLinx with your CRM system and an ERP system transforms siloed applications into a complete service management system. TimeLinx’s flexibility and scalability ensure that it will meet your needs as your company grows and your requirements change.

360o view of your customer data

TimeLinx creates a single, unified CRM and ERP solution while providing the most comprehensive features for today’s most dynamic service delivery companies.

A flexible yet scalable solution, TimeLinx provides huge advantages in increases efficiencies, connected processes, and visibility to job-specific information across your organization. If you are already a Sage ERP customer, TimeLinx provides an integrated CRM system with bi-directional integration to ERP, passing all project, cost, and expense data between the two systems, automatically or in batch.

The resulting system is truly more powerful than the individual components.

TimeLinx benefits

  • Robust project management capabilities
  • A single database
  • A full audit trail of operations for necessary reporting
  • Pre & post-synchronization processing logic
  • Customizable mappings and scripts
  • Track labor, costs, and expense reimbursements


TimeLinx SmartMobile brings together everything your teams need to succeed.
Combining the latest technology with your CRM & TimeLinx system, TimeLinx Smart-
Mobile allows your field teams to remotely enter time, expenses, mileage and progress updates for any job or project, eliminating the headaches, delays and errors of manual or spreadsheet T/E reporting.

There’s no doubt that employees are on the move and a 2012 study from CDW IT Monitor found that nearly three-quarters of IT decision makers thought that the use of tablets and smartphones had led to an increase in productivity within their organization, with 25 percent saying it has improved productivity significantly.

TimeLinx SmartMobile utilizes the full logic of our Revenue Optimization Engine™ built into TimeLinx for many of today’s leading CRM systems. Without consultants being burdened with the details, TimeLinx SmartMobile instantly and automatically generates accurate revenue and cost numbers during time entry as defined by the Project Manager. Add the TimeLinx Accounting Platform to your system and TimeLinx will synch those numbers into your supported ERP system for billing, G/L, or other modules. All without re-keying of data!

TimeLinx SmartMobile provides full visibility, maintenance and management of time and expenses for Projects, Tasks and Tickets – all of which are essential to accurately capture costs and maximize revenues for increased profitability.

Many mobile applications capture time. Many web solutions capture time and expenses.
Only TimeLinx SmartMobile brings a “smart”, full-featured project management platform to mobile phones, tablets, and the web.

The most powerful CRM-based project management platform has come to the world of mobile devices and is now available for:

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  • Global and Project Gantt charts
  • Native web functionality for global use
  • Project, Task, and Resource Management with complete financial visibility and profitability management
  • Performance Dashboards
  • Calendar & Scheduling
  • Time & Expense Management
  • Revenue Optimization EngineTM
  • Customer Service / Tech Support integration
  • Bi-directional billing, expense and G/L synchronization with the optional TimeLinx Accounting Platform