Netsuite OpenAir

  • NetSuite OpenAir is the world’s #1 professional services automation (PSA) solution. From resource management and project management, to time and expense tracking, project accounting and advanced billing and invoicing, NetSuite OpenAir supports the entire professional services delivery lifecycle with a powerful Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) suite.

    NetSuite’s solutions for professional services are used today in more than 1,500 professional services organizations worldwide—from small and mid-sized services businesses to some of the world’s largest and most complex services organizations.

Why NetSuite OpenAir?

NetSuite OpenAir is proven to quickly drive tangible results—increasing resource utilization, project margins and on-time project delivery while driving down IT costs, decreasing project accounting and overhead, and expediting billing cycles. NetSuite OpenAir helps improve invoicing accuracy, streamline revenue recognition and increase visibility into your services organization.
NetSuite OpenAir also empowers the mobile services organization with anytime, anywhere access in the cloud, supporting users where they work—on the go, at client sites or remotely.

Running a global services business? NetSuite OpenAir provides real-time access for organizations with global services pools and multi-currency, multi-subsidiary, multi-taxation and multi-language requirements. With NetSuite OpenAir, you can find the right resource for each and every project, regardless of their physical location, and easily bill their time in the project currency while accounting for the hours in the resource’s local currency—all from a single system. With more than 12 years of experience supporting services organizations of all specialties and sizes, NetSuite understands the unique requirements of running a services business.

Key features

Project Management

NetSuite OpenAir provides highly efficient web-based project management capabilities that enable you to improve on-time project delivery and project profitability by making it easy to manage, update and report on project status from anywhere at any time. It gives managers clear, real-time visibility into project dynamics and enables them to model “what if” scenarios to optimize price, billing rates, staffing and overall project profitability.

Key project management features include:

  • Easy project setup with project templates
  • Flexibility to assign resources at the project or task level with alerts and notifications for key project events such as adding or changing a task
  • Comprehensive project visibility with project outline, chart or Gantt chart views for real-time snapshots of project status down to the task level
  • Real-time project progress monitoring down to the task level, tracking with descriptions, severity details, resolution date and assignment
  • Easy creation of project-level and date-based budgets and budget categories
  • Project pipeline reports to gain visibility into future enterprise revenue and profit opportunities
  • Real-time budget alerts based on percent of allocated budget used and budget overruns

Resource Management

NetSuite OpenAir allows you to manage your most valuable resources across the globe more effectively, giving you the advanced resource optimization functionality you need to make sure that the right resources are working on the right projects, at the right time. Increase resource utilization and maximize project success by easily managing and deploying resources to projects according to project needs, employee skills, experience and availability, all based on real-time project timelines.

NetSuite OpenAir goes beyond basic resource management functionality to deliver:

  • Auto-create bookings based on skills and availability
  • Proactive resource forecasting with graphical, interactive tools, alerts and reports
  • Flexibility to book and view resources in calendar or graphical booking chart view
  • Streamlined bookings with multiple booking types, bookings in bulk or individually, bookings at the task or project levels and more
  • Advanced skills tracking, including skills profiles and custom skill set management
  • Sophisticated resource search and filters to find the right people based on multiple factors, including availability and skills
  • Flexibility to view and search all active and inactive resources, including contractors and other specialty resources
  • Customizable workflows mapped to your resource management needs, including automated email notifications for newly created, modified or deleted resource bookings
NetSuite OpenAir’s graphical resource booking chart provides a graphical window into resource availability, location and more.

Project Accounting

Flexible project accounting enables efficient monitoring and management of project revenues, expenses and profitability over the lifetime of the project, while ensuring the project is on time
and on budget. NetSuite OpenAir provides a powerful billing engine that ensures clients are billed
accurately and on time to improve cash flow. Sophisticated revenue recognition functionality enables separation of revenue types and the ability to recognize revenue appropriately.

Key project accounting features enable you to:

  • Utilize an automated and flexible project invoicing engine for project approvals based on customer or project
  • Integrate project time and expense entries, project billing, revenue recognition transactions and invoice totals with your general ledger
  • Automate project-level revenue recognition processes, recognizing revenue according to its own unique schedule and guidelines
  • Define project-level approvals for invoices, and even create customizable multi-level processes
  • Include multiple projects on a single invoice
  • Create and customize multiple invoice templates and easily associate them with customers or projects
  • Manage flat fee, hourly and time and expense items
  • Monitor project profitability and project budget vs. actual in real-time and report on summary and detail project-level accounts
  • Support multi-currency and multi-tax requirements and apply taxes to invoices based on the location of the work done or by service/expense completed, and apply sales tax automatically intoto invoices whether VAT, GST, PST or more

Timesheet Management

With NetSuite OpenAir, quickly and easily create detailed timesheets, whether in the office or on
the road, using a web browser, offline client or mobile device. It promotes strong time management
processes with flexible and easy-to-tailor organizational approval processes. Advanced time tracking tightly integrates with project management, enabling seamless time tracking by project, phase, task and more.

  • Filter timesheets based on specific search criteria such as date and user, or view timesheets by stages such as open or submitted
  • Customize time entry to meet your business rules—require notes on time entries, flag time as billable or non-billable and create timesheet rules, such as minimum or maximum daily values to reduce errors
  • Specify time types to provide additional granularity in reporting and tracking time, such as regular time, overtime, or personal time
  • Utilize an integrated stopwatch-style timer for detailed capture of time spent on tasks and projects
  • Define user and/or project level approvals for timesheets, including customizable multi-level processes, and generate alerts for overdue timesheets and/or approvals
  • Reject individual time entries on a single timesheet or the entire timesheet, and enable users to self-reject timesheets when needed
  • Enter time using iPhone or Android devices

Expense Management

Automate and streamline the entire expense management and reimbursement cycle, including expense reporting, submission and approval processes. NetSuite OpenAir provides powerful expense management that enhances employees’ productivity by enabling them to submit expenses from anywhere, via web or mobile device, even by taking a snapshot of a receipt using their iPhone or Android. Expense management ties seamlessly to project accounting, eliminating questions and effort around expense allocation, customer billing and managing foreign currency conversions.

  • Define expense policies on a per-project basis
  • Define minimum and maximum prices for expense items on per-project basis
  • Utilize advanced expense report entry and approval workflows to track expense reports through the submit/approve lifecycle and view an auditable system history for each report
  • Define user and/or project-level approvals for expenses, including customizable multi-level processes, and create overdue expense report approval alerts
  • Leverage a flexible user interface for quick entry of receipts via expense grid view or use the standard form and enter expenses individually
  • Consolidate expenses from multiple projects into a single expense report
  • Customize business rules to match your unique needs, such as requiring receipt association with project tasks or specifying items as billable or non-billable
  • Use online, offline and mobile access to create and submit expense reports, including iPhone or Android camera support to capture and submit images of receipts on the fly
  • Manage expenses in compliance with multi-currency and multi-tax requirements

Professional Services Dashboards and Reporting

NetSuite OpenAir provides dashboards and reporting that give every manager personalized access to key metrics such as resource utilization, profit margin and project budget vs. actual. Dashboards and reports can be easily configured to each user’s needs, giving everyone instant access to the information that matters, with complete self-service to answer ad hoc questions on the fly.

  • Utilize real-time personalized dashboards that provide notifications and one-click access to critical project information
  • Monitor key metrics and create powerful historical and forecast reports across resource utilization, profit margin, project budget vs. actual and more
  • Create calculations and use custom start or end dates and report filters with a powerful report engine
  • Select from more than 100 pre-configured professional services reports or build reports from scratch
  • Customize dashboards by role or individual preferences
  • Set up reports and view key company information in a variety of bar, pie and line chart formats and analyze chart details by viewing underlying reports
  • Use inclusive and exclusive filtering capabilities for summary and detail reports
  • Organize reports in folders, save and share them, and schedule reports to run automatically to ensure data is shared with the right people at the right time
  • Customize date filters for custom calculations
  • Dynamically filter report results from report
Real-time personalized dashboards provide a graphical view of critical project, resource and financial information.

Integrate with Enterprise Systems

NetSuite OpenAir Connect integrates seamlessly with your existing front-office and back-office
business systems. Gain all the benefits of the cloud without sacrificing the technology investments and business processes already in place. Leverage pre built integrations with common customer relationship management (CRM), sales force automation (SFA), human resources (HR), financial/ enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and more. Increase efficiency with an end-to-end solution that minimizes manual processes between services and the broader organization, accelerates cash flow, improves accuracy and provides comprehensive visibility through integrated services resource planning (SRP).

  • Front-office system integration creates a seamless flow of information from sales to quote to services execution via prebuilt integration with CRM and SFA systems

— Manage customer- and prospect-facing operations with virtually any SFA/CRM while driving key project information into NetSuite OpenAir to automate project delivery and manage resources
— Integrates with, NetSuite, Siebel/Oracle and more
— Integrate with standard Microsoft applications including Excel, Word, Project, Outlook and HR systems

  • Back-office system integration helps continue the flow of information straight through to the back office via prebuilt integration with common accounting and ERP applications

— Integrate with the back-office to share project accounting, invoicing and expense management information between the two systems
— Integrate with NetSuite, Oracle Financials, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and more




  • Easy project setup with project templates.
  • Flexibility to assign resources at the project or task level with alerts and notifications for key project events such as adding or changing a task.
  • Comprehensive project visibility with project outline, chart or Gantt chart views for real-time snapshots of project status down to the task level.
  • Real-time project progress monitoring down to the task level, tracking with descriptions, severity details, resolution date and assignment.
  • Easy creation of project-level and date-based budgets and budget categories.
  • Project pipeline reports to gain visibility into future enterprise revenue and profit opportunities.
  • Real-time budget alerts based on percent of allocated budget used and budget overruns.