Microsoft Project

Over the past century, project management has greatly evolved, better utilizing the latest technologies to meet the organizational requirements of different industries. Today, Microsoft helps organizations improve visibility and control across varied portfolios, align spend with strategic priorities, and drive team collaboration to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Utilizing a cloud-based solution offers clear advantages to setting up a customized server environment. You do not have to worry about maintenance or upgrade issues and compatibility issues are uncommon. While traditional Project Server implementations take time and commitment to roll out, you can provision Project Online quickly and easily. In addition, you and your IT staff do not have to deal with inconvenient overhead costs associated with maintaining extra infrastructure, such as applying updates, maintaining security, scaling capacity, and ensuring uptime and availability. Because Microsoft delivers Project Online through Office 365, the solution is always up-to-date and accessible from virtually anywhere.

The new Project offers enhancements in the following areas;

  • Simple and Intuitive User Experience
  • Flexible Project Portfolio Management
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Reporting
  • Increased Agility and Control

Simple and Intuitive User Experience

Organizations use a variety of tools to plan and manage different types of projects. Both Project Online and Project Server offer the flexibility and familiarity you need to quickly start and take action.

With Project, you can complete your work from virtually anywhere on almost any device. You can also support all types of projects with the right blend of power and agility to help the professional project manager or the occasional user.

  • Microsoft Fluent User Interface: Quickly realize results and work more efficiently with the simple and intuitive Ribbon tab interface that places the tools and functions you need for planning and managing your project right at your fingertips. Contextual menus reveal powerful features, making it easier to start working and reduce training costs. With the improved Backstage, you can automatically discover frequently used files and URLs.
  • Anywhere Access: Utilize Project Online to stay up-to-date in more places and on more devices such as desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, than ever before. With Project Online, you can also take advantage of Office 365 to stream, when needed, the most up-to-date version of Project to Wintel PCs. For Project Server, your workforce can use web-based project editing on a multitude of Internet browsers to easily build or edit projects when you are on the go.
  • Enhanced Timeline View: Take advantage of an enhanced timeline in the browser to see and share tasks, milestones, and phases. With the intuitive Timeline view, you can also quickly publish key tasks and milestones and easily copy them into Office applications, such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft PowerPoint to improve communication

Enhanced Collaboration and Reporting

Both Project Online and Project Server help you improve team collaboration to deliver projects successfully and enhance reporting to maintain transparency and control across project portfolios.

  • SharePoint Synchronization: Connect with teams and deliver the information they need, no matter their location, with Project Professional and Project Pro for Office 365.
  • Social Capabilities: Facilitate discussions and information sharing by utilizing the social and search capabilities of SharePoint such as Yammer to help get projects and everyday work done (Note: Yammer requires a subscription).
  • Enhanced Communications: Take advantage of presence awareness, Yammer, real-time conversations and instant messaging (IM) from within your Project with Lync.
  • Powerful BI: Help your organization gain insight, visibility, and control, measure progress and make resource allocation. You can also utilize the search capabilities to execute everyday work and projects more effectively and find the right information in the right context.

Increased Agility and Control

Both Project Online and Project Server offer agility, control, robust security, and reliability as well as enhanced connections with other related Microsoft technologies and solutions.
Simplified Administration& High Availability: Delivered through Office 365 and independently verified to comply with industry standards, Project Online offers 24/7 IT support for critical issues that ensures your business stays more secure and available. You also don’t have to worry about applying updates, maintaining security, scaling capacity, or ensuring uptime and availability.

An Efficient Work Management Platform: Project Server and Project Online connect with familiar Microsoft technologies such as Office, Exchange, and SharePoint to provide powerful work management capabilities.

Flexible Deployment Options: Powerful management tools simplify Project implementation, so you can act and respond more quickly to market opportunities. Project Online offers a variety of plans so you can sign up your people for the term of service that best fits your business needs. You can also install Project Pro for Office 365 directly from the web in just moments, without the need to uninstall previous versions, enabling it to run side-by-side with existing Project applications. In addition, with a web-based portal, you can add teams and projects within minutes.

An Extensible and Programmable Solution: Improvements to the Project application programming interface (API), Project Server Interface (PSI), client-side object model (CSOM), and JavaScript object model (JSOM), and integration with SharePoint and Microsoft Visual Studio provides your developers with a platform to design innovative applications that address the unique needs of your business across an entire project or program lifecycle. You can also install applications from the new Office Store and the SharePoint Store, to meet your unique business needs. You can even manage team access to apps through a corporate catalog. In addition, you can develop and deliver apps for Project Online and/or Project Pro for Office 365, helping you shave time off various processes or establish connections to proprietary systems.



  • Intuitively capture all requests within a central repository and manage them using governance workflow – Demand Management
  • Objectively prioritize, optimize, and select project portfolios that best align with your organization’s business strategy – Portfolio Selection and Analytics
  • Proactively and reactively manage resources throughout the project lifecycle – Resource Management
  • Easily create and communicate simple and complex project schedules – Schedule Management
  • Control and measure project and portfolio financial performance – Financial Management
  • Simplify the collection of time and task status updates from team members–Time and Task Management
  • Better connect disparate teams to share information and drive collaboration– Team Collaboration