QuickBase Business Process Management software is loaded with features – designed for complete customization to your unique business needs. Here are just a few :

Collect information from multiple sources

Quick and easy web forms

Work directly in your business process management applications or easily place QuickBase forms anywhere you want them.

Works like a spreadsheet

Quickly create or change to multiple records in grid edit – cut and paste or click and type.

Open API

Freely integrate data from your other software systems.

Manage data

Customizable dashboards

You and your team can create personal dashboards that show you the most important information in one place.

Automated email alerts and reminders

Quickly set up Ad-hoc workflow to keep team members informed, on time and on budget.

Unlimited custom reports

All reports and views are updated as soon as a record is saved.

Share and collaborate

User access controls

Determine who can view and modify sensitive information.

24/7 access to centralized information

Online access helps team members work more productively and collaborate faster.



  • Ability to send invoices via e-mail
  • Enter transactions via the QuickBooks forms interface, or if preferred to utilize the more streamlined approach of registers or journals
  • Ability to easily send content-appropriate collection letters in conjunction with Microsoft Word to assist you in collection efforts
  • Batch invoicing capability – potentially to save you hours of tedious work
  • Accept data input using Microsoft Excel when appropriate
  • Qualify and compete with other businesses with secure credit card acceptance and storage
  • Mobile Access gives access to users via a smart phone to certain areas within QuickBooks
  • Export report data to Excel for additional massaging