Business Process Management

In the new era of business transformation, an increasing number of enterprises are looking at re-orienting themselves into a process-centric customer-focused organization. This paradigm shift has led to the evolution of Business Process Management (BPM) as a principal management discipline to enable strategic planning of business goals, driving process improvements and innovative application of technology for greater agility.

However, BPM systems are no “silver bullet”; also, it is not just about the process. The core BPM philosophy dwells on the synergistic balance between people, processes and technology to drive improvements, maximize value and enhance business performance through cost reduction, increase in productivity, and better adherence to regulatory & compliance norms. It is slowly becoming transformative and universal in its appeal.

Ambit brings together the right mix of functional expertise, best practices, frameworks, methodologies, and product expertise to provide end-to-end BPM services and solutions to its customers. Ambit has pioneered in partnering with its customers to develop a well-defined BPM strategy & roadmap that is in alignment with core business objectives.


The latest release of SharePoint 2010, Microsoft’s flagship collaboration software, includes built-in support for executing human workflows. Developers can create workflows for this environment using Visual Studio, while information workers can use a new tool called SharePoint Designer ‘2010’

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  • Overview

  • Features

    • SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013 clients can access data that is stored outside of SharePoint.
    • SharePoint Server 2013 business intelligence applications and tools gives you complete visibility of your business performance
    • eDiscovery functionality helps in performing queries across multiple SharePoint farms and Exchange servers
    • Identity management for server-to-server authentication and app authentication
    • SharePoint Server 2013 offers new, optimized viewing experiences across different mobile platforms
    • Records management and compliance features in SharePoint 2013 provide improved ways to help you protect your business
    • Social computing and collaboration features for enterprise users to share and collaborate with others in their organization


QuickBase Business Process Management software is loaded with features – designed for complete customization to your unique business needs. Here are just a ‘few’

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  • Overview

  • Features

    • Ability to send invoices via e-mail
    • Enter transactions via the QuickBooks forms interface, or if preferred to utilize the more
    • streamlined approach of registers or journals
    • Ability to easily send content-appropriate collection letters in conjunction with Microsoft Word to assist you in collection efforts
    • Batch invoicing capability – potentially to save you hours of tedious work
    • Accept data input using Microsoft Excel when appropriate
    • Qualify and compete with other businesses with secure credit card acceptance and storage
    • Mobile Access gives access to users via a smart phone to certain areas within QuickBooks
    • Export report data to Excel for additional massaging


The Docassist cloud platform makes it easy for your organization to transform mountains of paper, electronic files, and data into a single, secure, scalable, and always available source of business documents and information.

Your organization can operate as a truly connected, efficient, and innovative workplace using Docassist. Harness the power of document management and secure cloud delivery to optimize your business ‘processes’

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  • Document Capture – With Scanner integration
  • Automated Workflows – Automate repetitive business processes that involve the movement of information and multiple touch-points
  • Automated Indexing – Automatically scan and retrieve information stored in barcodes and specific Zones on your document.
  • Application Integration – With your ERP/CRM (Microsoft/SAP/Salesforce/NetSuite/Sage/etc.).
  • Intelligent Zonal Scan – Automatically capturing data from your document.
  • Document-level Security and Audit Trails – Restrict access based on geo, role, department, etc.
  • Email Notifications – When a document has arrived for processing or if it moved through a workflow.