1KEY is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool, designed and developed on Microsoft Platform using. Net Framework.

The tool connects and communicates to all type of applications, irrespective of the database used at the backend. 1KEY (business intelligence tool) provides interfaces for all users, viz.: technical professionals for query building as well as business users for click through reports. This helps the users to create dynamic reports quickly and efficiently. In today’s scenario, MIS analysis of any data is most important aspect of business. Hence, if one could derive the necessary information for making business decisions, the data will be worth its value else, it remains in the system without any direct impact to business.

In various organizations, all the MIS are in place, but the amount of time spent on analyzing data and generating reports is very high and so are the administrative overheads and cost.

1KEY caters to these growing needs of the modern age business houses. 1KEY helps the organizations to analyze any type of data from single and multiple sources and derive more meaningful and accurate information that will facilitate faster and, consequently profitable business decisions. 1KEY supports slicing and dicing of data to the root level providing the ease of micro as well as macro level analysis, making the data speak to you virtually.

Decision making is a crucial task in any business. Business intelligence reporting supports all decision making task or executive support system by collecting and collaborating facts and figures into a single informative report. Good reporting software can accommodate extensive users; multiple platform and has the ability to connect to various data sources. Ambit Intelligence offers multiple business reporting products / tools like 1KEY and postXBRL. These reporting software products are extremely efficient in collecting, analyzing and presenting business information.

1KEY Agile BI Suite – Unique Business Intelligence Reporting Analytics Software Product for all businesses

  • 1KEY Agile BI Suite is a comprehensive Business Intelligence application catering to Strategic, Tactical & Operational data analysis & reporting needs of multiple vertical industries. An integrated offering with a choice to pick and choose modules enables organizations to deploy the BI framework with minimal investments

With 1KEY FCM, CFOs can overcome:

  • Struggle of weeks to consolidate financial data at multiple levels
  • Fragile nature of spreadsheets, links, changes, errors in unsuspected cells & redoing consolidation during reorganization
  • Difficulty & confusion to use and rely on IT team to deliver the on demand report which takes time
  • where only thing that matters user is the answer to the question of a moment
  • Limitations of ERP reporting toolset and predefined set of reports with general purpose query tools for generating reports with data within ERP database
  • Booking adjustment entries in ERP & replicating multiple times for each company / branch / location
  • Inter-company eliminations which cause delays, while reconciling the differences between the companies using spreadsheets

1KEY FCM gives CFOs ability to:

  • Reduce consolidation, close and reporting cycles by days or weeks and deliver timely results internally and externally
  • Improve data quality to achieve confidence in the numbers – a full audit trail for statutory and regulatory compliance
  • Cut compliance costs & deliver a single version of the truth through the Web to improve internal and external transparency
  • Use 1KEY BI to create ad hoc and management reports quickly and easily
  • Easily conduct in-depth analysis of key performance and operational metrics

1KEY FCM features

  • Speed up Financial Consolidation
  • Close Books of Accounts faster
  • Increase reporting cycles by days/weeks
  • Publish reports internally and externally
  • Improve data quality & achieve confidence in numbers
  • Full audit trail for statutory and regulatory compliance
  • Cut compliance costs for statutory reporting
  • Deliver a single version of truth
  • Improve internal and external transparency
  • Performance analysis & operational metrics
  • Complete Data Warehouse (DWH) model
  • One time Chart of Accounts mapping

postXBRL – eXtensible Business Reporting Language

  • XBRL is a language for the electronic communication of business and financial data which is set to revolutionize business reporting around the world. It provides major benefits in the preparation, analysis and communication of business information. It offers cost savings, greater efficiency and improved accuracy and reliability to all those involved in supplying or using financial data.

postXBRL Features

  • Transform XBRL into other formats
  • Load XBRL into BI database systems
  • Undertake XBRL mapping
  • Display aspects of taxonomies
  • Retrieve data precisely when you need it
  • Security policies for access control
  • Taxonomy caching serialized
  • Support of Tuple Input
  • Footnote Editing
  • Editing By Selecting a Context
  • Instance Data Input
  • Import data from Word / Excel / PDF



  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • ADS Integration
  • In Built OLAP Engine
  • Rapid Cube to Chart Formatting
  • Zero Foot Print Deployment
  • Enterprise Management Console
  • Role Based Security and Authentication
  • Performance to handle Terabytes of data
  • Heterogeneous Database Connectivity
  • Visual Analytics
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • SAP Integration Adapter