Enterprise Solutions

As the business environment changes continually, enterprises struggle to optimize business processes to perform at the highest efficiency. To achieve the business goals, enterprises will need to ensure optimal use of resources and an integrated view of business processes. This can be brought about only by highly adaptive IT applications that enhance efficiencies thus delivering maximum value from current Enterprise IT Investments.

At Ambit, we understand that an efficient and cost effective IT infrastructure that serves as a backbone for robust solutions is a business imperative. We can help you align your business goals with your IT capabilities through our technological expertise and business relevant orientation.

We have a sound understanding of your business context, challenges and pain points and have solutions tailored to address those. This understanding includes knowledge of your business processes, information flows and operational issues and helps us hone in on the right approach for your requirement. We can advise you on the right software applications to be added as well as build and look after them for you.


Our experts in ERP solutions have worked with a multitude of enterprises across various domains not just to automate business operations but to also undertake some of the most complex implementations including multi-site rollouts to maximize efficiency.

We use business value frameworks customized to your requirements that ensure timely and hassle-free implementation and rollouts. Further, applying our unique ‘templatized’ approach is the difference between successful and failed implementation ‘exercises’

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Ambit knows that response times to customer requests and quality of service offered are key differentiators in a crowded market. Customers can request service through telephone, e-mail, SMS, Web sites, walk-in, and even postal mail. CRM integrates these channels to provide your sales, marketing, and service personnel a 360 degree view of the customer across the full lifecycle of the process. Thus, CRM initiatives allow business users to provide more personalized ‘services’

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Business Intelligence

In today’s complex and uncertain business scenario, enterprises are involved in several internal and external business transactions. The internal transactions are involved with Sales, Purchase, Finance, Store and Distribution. These transactions are basically to fulfil the customer commitment as well as improve the operational efficiency, productivity and optimize the cost and other resources. On the other hand, external transactions involve customers, suppliers and other business partners who enable the enterprise in fulfilment of their business commitments. Furthermore, business are also highly impacted by the external forces such as evolving regulatory framework, market conditions, competitor’s actions and ever-changing customer ‘preferences’

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In the new era of business transformation, an increasing number of enterprises are looking at re-orienting themselves into a process-centric customer-focused organization. This paradigm shift has led to the evolution of Business Process Management (BPM) as a principal management discipline to enable strategic planning of business goals, driving process improvements and innovative application of technology for greater ‘agility’

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People are the greatest assets of your enterprise and every year you spend considerable time and effort in managing your human resources. From recruitment and talent acquisition, to talent retention and development, you invest energies in carefully planning and executing various functions to create an efficient workforce. To simplify and automate these Human Resources (HR) related functions, covering the employee engagement lifecycle, our solution helps you meet your routine functions and comply with regulations, amidst ‘growth’

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Project Management

Companies are under increased pressure to deliver products on time with limited resources. Too often, available resources are strained due to poor project portfolio planning and inefficient project execution. The result is over-budget projects that miss deadlines, further burdening both personnel and costs.

We therefore partnered with NetSuite, Microsoft and TimeLinx to offer best in class, Project Management Suites that meet the needs and expectations of mid and large ‘enterprises’

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Great products require awesome marketing. With the advent of digital marketing, companies have to constantly focus on creating intelligent and engaging marketing campaigns to generate interest in their audience.

We understand your customer expectations and therefor offer solutions that meet those expectations and exceed to create customer loyalty and brand ‘recognition’

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As your company grows, data accessibility becomes critically important. Data flowing seamlessly through a maze of enterprise apps means you are always in touch with your customers. Today we are faced with the challenge of using best-of-breed system for our business. Getting them to talk to each other is a bigger challenge.

While the integration market is on a constant rise, choosing the right platform to deliver a consistent experience is important. With build-in connector’s library for integrating your favourite business apps, Zwisch makes integration a child’s play!

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