Social Media Collaboration

Social media is no more just a fad. It has turned out to be one of the most important areas of focus for businesses. In fact, today it has become instrumental in shaping the consumer decisions as well as behavior. As organizations become more collaborative by implementing enterprise social networking tools, many are finding it difficult to get beyond simply providing employees another Facebook-like experience. The aim of these new VISMAC technologies is to enable business users to tap into the collective intelligence of an enterprise to get work done in new and faster ways, which can lead to greater efficiency and better business results.

Though many organizations have already realized the enterprise collaboration benefits of social media, others remain skeptical and worry that these tools will provide nothing more than personal interaction channel and hindrance in productivity.

While most companies exploit social media for their customer service function only, many enterprises have now begun using this platform in tandem with their sales and marketing. This in turn enables them to utilize the data generated by the customers effectively to further serve their bigger bunches of customers. Furthermore, Social media demolishes the barriers that limit the sharing of knowledge amongst various networks, thereby encouraging rapid exchange of collaborative information which can boost the business marketing results.


On contrary, social media allows people to connect and interact while leaving a trail of data on preferences and relationships with other people. These interaction benefits the enterprises by allowing them to have access to feedback and commentary from other interested users in the social network. This data trail benefits the consumer of the data and can be harnessed to provide insight into products, trends and sentiments of participants in the social network to identify information with high social value.

With collaboration with other technologies, social media can provide new ways to reach and interact with customers, increasing reach of products and services with much greater ROI.

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