CPQ Add-on for SugarCRM

Most manufacturing companies are using ERP or any accounting system to manage their CPQ process (Configure, Price, and Quote). Siloed away from the SugarCRM platform already in use, this arrangement brings in process inefficiencies, often because ERP users are not the same as SugarCRM users or there ensues a lack of (often misconstrued) transparency. Sales efficiency and even sales effectiveness, when counted in terms of deals won, is negatively impacted.

With Ambit’s CPQ addon for SugarCRM, your sales team can manage key functionalities of configuration, quotation and order management, workflow approval & authorization with e-signatures from SugarCRM. With this addon, you can ensure that all customer interactions are on-time – especially when they are closer to the decision point, where deals are usually moving at the highest velocity.

  • Reduce Enquiry-to-Quote duration
  • Improve pricing accuracy
  • Improve responses to market dynamics and competitive pricing
  • Increase opportunities to upsell/cross-sell
  • Bring in process efficiencies with workflow authorization and approval process
  • Enable quick roll-outs of new products and pricing configurations locally and globally
  • Improve data consistencies across sales and fulfillment processes
Ambit’s CPQ Features:

Ambit CPQ add-on is natively built on SugarCRM and allows users to manage all available CPQ functionalities while leveraging the adaptability, configurability, and use-of-use of SugarCRM. This increases productivity across your teams with tight collaboration and improved ROI with timely and accurate quotes.

General Features

  • Products can be configured easily, based on business needs
  • Product catalogues can be configured to accommodate complex product hierarchies and classifications
  • Adaptable configuration of validation and pricing rules to prevent booking errors
  • Highly intuitive user experience
  • All core CPQ functions available through mobile (iOS and Android) platforms.
  • Ability to integrate with different ERP applications and other systems via Sugar Integrate

CPQ Templates built-in for quick roll-out and adoption

  • Price Books
  • Price list
  • Product bundling/kitting
  • Manage accessories / add-ons
  • Pricing engine to model predefined pricing and discounts
  • Guided selling with upsell & cross-sell recommendations
  • View warehouse stock status, when integrated with the ERP platform.
  • Manage complex quotations
  • Integrate with DocuSign for quick deal closures.

CPQ Addon – Bundled Products
CPQ Addon – Product Recommendations