Business Transformation with Cloud ERP

Learn how organizations can utilize cloud ERP technology to transform their business, and the best path to implementation

With increasing competition for customers and elevated expectations among clients, businesses must operate in the most efficient and profitable manner possible. Cloud-based ERP offers organizations the ability to transform their operations—and can catapult them past their competitors.

Michael Krigsman, CEO of consulting and research firm Asuret and a recognized authority on IT project success and related CIO issues, offers this white paper as a primer for businesses looking to create competitive advantages through streamlined operations and processes in a cloud ERP environment.

This white paper, brought to you by NetSuite, the #1 cloud ERP provider serving more than 12,000 companies, offers best-practice guidance on how you can get the most out of your cloud ERP implementation. You’ll learn:

  • How cloud technology is transforming business
  • Why organizations should optimize ERP implementations with professional service providers
  • The five key benefits that cloud ERP offers businesses