Ambit Software Launches KAM Add-On on Sugar Outfitters


Refine Key Account Strategies: Ambit Software Launches KAM Add-On on Sugar Outfitters!

Pune, India – November 17, 2023 – Ambit Software, an esteemed CRM/CX solutions provider and a distinguished Elite Partner of SugarCRM, proudly unveils its cutting-edge Key Account Management (KAM) add-on on Sugar Outfitters. As a comprehensive hub, Sugar Outfitters offers a curated array of tools and solutions designed to enhance the value of your Sugar platform investment.

Ambit’s KAM add-on revolutionizes the approach to account planning, morphing it into a dynamic, strategic tool. Packed with a robust suite of features, this add-on empowers Key Account Managers (KAMs) to not only retain but also expand their accounts through disciplined strategization.

The Ambit KAM solution initiates account planning from the ground up, starting at the smaller Buying Unit level. Delving into existing buying behavior, establishing key relationships with decision-makers, and evaluating overall attractiveness to your business, this solution focuses on ascending the buying-behavior hierarchy. This enables effective tailoring of sales strategies by meticulously tracking plans, actions, outcomes, and corrective measures.

Key Features of Ambit’s KAM Add-On:

  • Assisted Account Planning
  • Relationship-focused Sales
  • Key Stakeholder Identification and Targeting
  • Affinity Strength Tracking
  • Gamification for Accelerated Adoption
  • Grow vs. Defend Insights
  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Whitespace Visualizer
  • Insightful Reports and Metrics

Benefits of Ambit’s KAM Add-On:

  • Building Profitable, Long-Term Relationships
  • Adding Value to Customer Businesses
  • Managing Selling Strategies Tailored to Each Buying Unit
  • Identifying Potential Whitespaces
  • Augmented Visibility into Key Stakeholders
  • Instant Goal Tracking and Reporting Across the Global Sales Organization.

“The availability of our KAM add-on on Sugar Outfitters represents a significant leap forward in our commitment to empowering businesses with innovative solutions,” stated Jenit Ramaiya, CEO & MD at Ambit Software. “We believe this powerful tool will provide.


This add-on is set to enhance the value proposition for SugarCRM users, providing them with seamless access to a comprehensive suite of solutions that extend and enhance the capabilities of their Sugar platform.

For more information about Ambit Software’s KAM add-on and other offerings available on Sugar Outfitters, please visit Sugar Outfitters – Ambit KAM.

November 18, 2023

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